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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning in Las Vegas

Your home’s sewer line and drainage systems serve an essential function, which is to remove wastes and wastewater from the property in a hygienic, reliable, and effective manner. These systems must be maintained professionally to ensure that your home’s plumbing system serves you for years to come.

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How Our Drain and Sewer Line Cleaning Services Work

You can’t walk into a hardware store and purchase the first sewer cleaner that you come across. It’s only professional plumbers who have the expertise of pinpointing the most effective equipment for your drain and sewer line. One of the most popular methods of cleaning sewer lines is hydro-jetting. Our plumbers excel at using this method to clean sewers and drain lines.

During hydro-jetting, a highly pressurized water spray is used to scour your sewer or drainage line’s interior. Therefore, this is an eco-friendly method of cleaning the system since no chemicals that can compromise your pipes are used. In our case, we often feed a water hose that has a custom-made nozzle into your drainage system. After that, pressurized water is blasted into the system to get rid of blockages and all types of debris.

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Many Vegas homeowners’ first reaction when they discover that there is a drainage line blockage, is to run to the nearest hardware store to purchase a chemical cleaner. If that is what always comes to your mind, think again.

We have high-end scour jet equipment that we use to unclog sewer and drain lines without using any chemical compounds. This is never a DIY undertaking because it’s only professionals who can do such work without damaging your drainage system in any way. Therefore, you should always delegate the duty of cleaning your drain and sewer lines in Las Vegas to our team of professionals.