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Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

In today’s tech-savvy world, video cameras are among the most pertinent tools in the plumbing industry. To serve you better, we have invested in specially designed plumbing cameras that enable our technicians to inspect underground pipes and sewer lines accurately. We even inspect pipes under cement as well as those that are beneath your home’s foundation.

At the beginning of a sewer line inspection exercise, a skilled technician will insert a rod with a waterproof HD camera at its tip into your sewer line. The cameras that we use are flexible, something that allows them to maneuver the twists and turns of your sewer lines.

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These cameras can thoroughly examine pipe walls and pipes that have a diameter range of between two and 36 inches. Live video footage from the cameras gets transmitted to our technicians who will then use it to access the condition of your sewer and drain lines. Likewise, you can also view problems in the systems on a monitor.